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Boat:  2020 Majek Illusion 25'+ w/ 300hp 2020 Suzuki 


Full-day guided bay trip (at least 8 hours of fishing):

$600 (1-2 anglers)

$650 (3 anglers}

$750 (4 anglers)

$800 (5 anglers)

Half-day guided bay (4-5 hours of fishing):

$500 (1-2 anglers)

$550 (3 anglers)

$650 (4 anglers)

$700 (5 anglers)

Offshore state-water fishing trips available.

Multiple boats are available for large groups.


Tournament fishing available.  Call for pricing.

Included with the trip are rods, reels, wade belts, nets, stringers, pliers, artificial lures, ice, water, fish cleaning and packaging. 


Live/natural bait will be additional at actual market cost.

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