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Tournaments / Events

Weekly Friday Night Tournament, Port O'Connor, TX

2nd Annual DB Coastal Outfitters Summer Friday-Evening Fishing Tournament

Clark's Bait Camp, Port O’Connor, TX

Tournament Host: 

DB Coastal Outfitters, Capt. Doug Berry (email:

P.O. Box 724, POC, TX  77982

Ph:  281-620-8394

Times and Location:

Every Friday Evening, 2022 (dates TBD), Clarks Bait Camp, Port O’Connor, TX

4:00pm            Check in begins

4:45pm            Draw number entries close.

You may enter after 4:45pm, but will be released to leave dock after last draw number.

5:00pm            First boat released.  Rest of the field on 15-second intervals.

8:30pm            Must be back and checked in by 8:30pm




Participation and Eligibility:  Teams will consist of a maximum of two fishermen per fishing vessel.  Contestants under 18 years of age must fish with their legal guardian as their teammate, another adult approved by minor’s legal guardian, or present a written consent from legal guardian to fish.

Entry Fees:  The entry fee is $TBD per fishing team with a maximum of two fishermen per team.  You may fish alone.  This includes side pots.


Fishing Boundaries:  There are no fishing boundaries.  You may fish anywhere in or on Texas coastal waters.  Surf is permitted. 

Permitted Fishing Methods:  All fish must be caught via hook and line.  Natural or artificial baits allowed.  Wade or boat fishing allowed.  Each angler may only use one rod/reel at any given time.


Fishing Limits:  A stringer will consist of a maximum of two speckled trout and one redfish.  It is not mandatory to weigh the maximum stringer.  Example:  You may weigh one trout and one redfish, one trout, two trout, or one redfish.

            Redfish:  20-28 inches

            Trout:  16-25 inches

Warning:  Undersized/oversized fish (lengths determined above) weighed in will be disqualified and you will not be able to replace that fish with a different fish.  However, this does not disqualify the team; you just lose that fish/weight.


Weight & Measurement Rules: 

Weight:  Fish will be weighed in pounds and ounces to the 100ths.

Length:  All fish will be measured on a Check-It Stik® slant board with tail-pinch channel.  With nose against the end and belly to the backboard, the channel will be slid to:

Redfish:  19 inches on low side and 27 inches on high side

Trout:  15 inches on low side and 24 inches on high side

                        *You only get one chance at weigh in; no re-measures.

No mutilated fish can be weighed, whether by natural or other means. 


Weigh Master:  Weigh master as final say in all weigh-in matters.


General Rules:

            No pooling of fish between teams.

            No drones allowed to assist in fishing activities whatsoever.


Stay a minimum of 100 yards away (under power, drifting or anchored) from other boats/fishermen/waders at all times.

You must always maintain a line of sight with your fishing vessel while fishing.

Form of payment accepted:  Cash only.


Applicable laws, Federal, State and Local laws must always be followed by contestants.  Breaking these laws during fishing will result in disqualification of team. 


Tiebreaker:  In the event that the stringer weight is equal between teams, the prize will be added together for the places affected and divided equally between those teams.  For side pot ties, the pot will be split equally between the teams.  Length will not break a tie.



Heaviest stringer:  One place for every ten teams.  (Example:  19 teams/one place paid, 20 teams/two places paid)

            Heaviest trout:  100% of side pot

            Heaviest redfish:  100% of side pot

*Heaviest trout and redfish for side pots weights will come from your stringer.  Again, your stringer may consist of a maximum of two trout and one redfish.

Legal Stuff:  DB Coastal Outfitters/Doug Berry will not be held liable in any way for the risk, danger, injury, or damages to entrants or their guests during this event.


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